The Visiting Angels Difference

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Everyone who works at Visiting Angels Inc. is dedicated to providing compassionate care for our clients. We treat those in our care WITH care. We take time to develop relationships with our clients and their families and other caregivers. We listen and communicate well so we can understand our clients’ needs. First and foremost, we are care givers, and we treat our clients with respect, dignity and compassion.

Our goal is to help provide our clients with as much independence as possible, to provide comfort and enhance quality of life. We choose to provide services with kindness, sensitivity and understanding. Our clients are people first.

It is through our work that we turn our intentions into actions. Through our actions, we have developed a loyal client base whose support we cherish. Much of our new business comes through referral from individual clients, their friends and families, as well as through therapists, nurses, doctors and other caregivers.

Call us and experience the Visiting Angels® Inc. difference.

What Our Clients Say

A special thank-you to Ingrid for putting up with my many inquiries, and for last minute staffing for Mum. Your smile and gift of calmness came through that phone line remaining with me the whole time away knowing without a shadow, that you had staffed us your very best. Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts dear “angels”.

Julie and Steve R.